Deputy Commissioner/District Collector

Enlisted below are the main duties of revenue administration:

  • Maintenance & updating of periodical revenue/ land record
  • Recovery of government dues i.e. land revenue, water rate, capital value tax and agricultural income tax
  • To achieve targets fixed by the provincial government pertaining to recovery of stamp duty and registration fees etc
  • Disposal of pending court cases in accordance with the provisions of law/ rules
  • Transparency in registration of sale, gift, mortgage, redemption etc ,transactions of land in accordance with provision of law/ rules and maintenance of record of said deeds in the offices of concerned sub registrars
  • Transparency of transactions, i.e. sale, purchase, lease and transfer of lands in accordance with provision of law/ rules and their updated record in relevant documents and to provide services to stake holders i.e. land owners/ lessees tenants etc


  • Tehsil Offices
  • Sub Registrar Offices
  • Girdawars and record of patwaris
  • Khasra Girdawari
  • Different Branches of the Revenue Department

Judicial Work

  • 2nd Appellate Court in partition cases
  • Appeal against the order passed by the assistant commissioners in appeals about sanction of mutation and in cases such as redemption, ejectment and production suit
  • Appellate Court in respect of correction of revenue record and in lumberyard cases, land reforms and settlement cases