Important Personalities

Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V Abbasi

Born on 29 September 1904, in Derawar – died 24 May 1966 in London, Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan was the Nawab, and later Amir, of Bahawalpur State from 1907 to 1966. He became the Nawab after the death of his father when he was only three years old. A Council of Regency, with Sir Rahim Bakhsh as its President, ruled on his behalf until 1924.


Samiullah Khan

Born on September 6, 1951, in Bahawalpur, Samiullah Khan is a former field hockey player from Pakistan, who was nick named The Flying Horse because of his great speed. He is a former and veteran player of the Olympic Games.


Syed Tabish Alwari

Born on 19 May 1939 Syed Tabish Alwari is one of the renowned poet, journalist and parliamentarian. He has done remarkable job in the field of journalism as well as above mentioned walks of life. Now a days he is a freelance journalist, prominent political figure and spokesman of Tehreek-e-Bahali Soba Bahawalpur. He had served as MPA (Member Provincial Assembly) of Punjab assembly and opposition leader too. He not only enjoys the prestige of a worthy poet but also  receives praise from his critics for his literary master pieces which are unbeatable. Three main poetic volumes of Syed Tabish Alwari have been published i.e., Saghir-e-Aatsheen, Raat Hawa Charagh and Sarkar-e-Do Alam (PBUH). He has a poetic individuality and says that literature, journalism and politics are dealt with feeling, observation and experiments, and are then blended with poetic scenario. His book Sarkar-e-Do Alam is an exemplary gesture of his love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and devotion to religion Islam. Despite of having urdu script in this book there is no use of "Nuqaat" in whole of the book. This is a marvelous achievement and uniqueness in itself. In a competition Qutab-e-Seerat held in 2005 by Punjab government, the book Sarkar-e-Do Alam written by Syed Tabish Alwari has won 1st prize and distinction certificate as well. Along with that Syed Tabish Alwari has won PKR 50,000 cash prize from PTV (Pakistan Television) in the competition of national songs. Prime Minister of Pakistan has awarded him certificate of acknowledgment of his services in this regard. He has grabbed many certificates, medals and souvenirs for the sake of literature, politics, journalism and many spheres of life from the national level of institutions, departments and organizations.


Flight Lieutenant Ayesha Farooq

Born on August 24, 1987 Flight Lieutenant Ayesha Farooq is a Pakistani fighter pilot from Hasilpur, Bahawalpur District, who is the first woman to become a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force. In 2013, she became the first and only Pakistani female fighter pilot after topping the final exams to qualify. She now flies missions in a Chinese-made Chengdu J-7 fighter jet alongside her 24 male colleagues in Squadron 20.